Unreal Studio isn't working

I was trying to test datasmith, but for some reason a can’t even load the file exported from max.

“Something went wrong. We were unable to verify your access to the plugin before timing out.”

Anyone can help with this situation?

Try closing the Launcher and reopening it. If still having problems, there are know blockers to our “call home” feature:

Full list of blocking software that users have found so far.

  • McAfee Enterprise
  • Kapersky Antivirus
  • Teamviewer
  • Akamai Netsession Client

Hi there .
I have the same problem ,cant connect .I have none of the above Apps installed .
i dissabled Firewall . no luck .i am on Windows 10 .
Whats the point of datasmith if you cant connect to there server ??

Are you interested in working with us to reproduce? The problem has been that these are notoriously difficult to reproduce problems, so it is hard to fix them. Over the course of the beta, I think 0.1% of beta users experienced it. It isn’t a common problem at all. Can you try installing on another machine?

Hi there ,thanks for your replay ,
i have installed it on my primary machine , and it works perfectly ,
Both Machine have exactly the same setup ,so i dont know yet wy one works and the other not .
I will try to find out what is blocking it .
I let you know .
By the way :Unreal Studio and Datasmith is a great tool . Bravo.
A bit dissapointed there is no support for Archicad .

I’m having this issue. Is there a specific port or address we should unblock, or just Unreal overall?

Checking. I don’t know these details myself.

We have an updated faq I hope this helps you out



Same Problem

Read the troubleshooting guide.

I still can not get this to work.

If I uninstall Kaspersky Total Security, then it does work. But calling that a “solution” is absolutely ridiculous.
I re-installed Kaspersky and then added the ports in various places in Kaspersky (as well as Windows Defender Firewall) to no avail

I would be interested in a Teamviewer session to try and get this to work

That’s all we can offer until we figure out why Kaspersky is blocking.

Report Unreal Studio bugs here: https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.com/s/article/How-do-I-report-a-bug

I sent you a private message to setup a remote debugging session.

good day every one.

i solved my by udating 3d max exporter

After I downloaded and installed UN5, I found that another program was also downloaded called McAfee, is it related to an unreal program?

McAfee is an antivirus software, nothing related to Unreal Editor or the launcher.

Where did you get your UE installation from? The recommend mean is through the Epic Launcher.
When installing UE from launcher you only get UE and the necessary redistributables.
Those redistributables might have to be installed on your machine but you will be prompt for that.