Unreal Studio/Enterprise & Stadia

With the announcement yesterday of Stadia from Google, it would be great to be able to take advantage of cloud processing/runtime for projects, not only this but the use of Stadia’s very thin client (ie Chrome) could make it really useful as a way to send various parties Enterprise developed applications as well as allow for lower end hardware to run higher quality content at high framerate (eg high end VR on low end VR hardware).

Is this something that Epic are looking into as I’d certainly be interested in getting involved with early access testing for this.

I would imagine so; Epic has already posted, shortly after the announcement, that Unreal supports Stadia… so this is going to make things very interesting indeed!

Our announcement, and all current available information: Unreal Engine Support for Google Stadia Now Available - Unreal Engine

Alternatively, a french company https://www.furioos.com/. has developed a very easy t to use workflow where you package your game, zip it and upload it. they handle everything else with pixel streaming, cloud instance etc.

That might be a solution that works for some of you.

It would be nice to see what we can do with Stadia. I know it’s meant to be a gaming platform but I wonder if we can use it for ArchViz. Pack our project and stream it on Stadia.

I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work. What do you guys think?

I did check furioos and they look good, I intend to use them however I’m a bit concern about the quality… right now in Beta it doesn’t look good. I intend to use Ray Tracing and that could be a problem if their hardware won’t manage to cope with the demand and then it’s also the latency to think about.

I do think Google can offer a better platform because they have the infrastructure to deliver everything they say they will.



Stadia is entirely built around gaming; it’s a large scale content delivery system - I suspect it’s very unlikely they’ll open it up for small-scale private use cases.

afaik they rely on microsoft cloud, it’s not their own hardware. feel free to contact them about the quality issues they will be very open to discuss, it’s a small startup spun off obvioos (the design viz studio)

Thanks for the links to Stadia for developers from Google. It looks like they’re only interested in big developers now as the sign up requires a very formal sign up process. Do we know if their roadmap is supportive in engaging with other industries. Can see a very powerful use case in using Stadia to drive VR kit that otherwise couldn’t handle the processing.

Otherwise would we be better off simply looking into Pixel Streaming in a cloud hosted location?

Hi everyone,
@pf_breton thank you very much for recommending us!

Indeed, we offer a platform for the cloud deployment of your Unreal Engine applications.
We manage the hosting, sharing and scaling of your applications as easily as if they were videos on Youtube.
We are currently developing an export plugin directly integrated into Unreal Engine.
In the meantime, deploying your applications in the cloud is done by means of a simple drag and drop of zip files.
Here is a short video explaining the process: Embed your Unreal Engine games on any website! (no GPU required) - YouTube

I would be happy to explain to you how Furioos works in video conference if you wish.
I can be reached at this email: christophe@furioos.com

See you soon on Furioos

As much as I would love to see this, I do shudder as to what effect internet latency would have on a VR experience :slight_smile:

Hi Christophe,

Will you offer support for ray tracing? If you don’t mind me asking.



Hi @Morningcoffee007
Support for ray tracing is something we have on the roadmap, of course.
Although, this requires high-end Nvidia GPU servers that are not yet available in all geographic regions.
We will keep you informed as soon as we know more.
Trust us, we are admiring Epic Games’ progress in the field of ray tracing and we will do our best to add this functionality quickly.

Sounds great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Best not to plan on using it for VR for awhile. But you’ll get 60fps at HD res using our pixel-streaming and low latency (network config dependent of course).

Can someone recomend a good GPU cloud service provider suited for pixel streaming???
Thanks for the help!

Hi guys, does anyone know if there is another pixel streaming service other than Furioos? I am running into some issues with Furioos (will not open on some browsers) and it seems impossible to get any support from them. Thanks in advance.

HI Chris

I want to sign up, apart from monthly payment, will i get charged per minute if someone view my app? If it is, This can be quite expensive, I just scare someone will keep app open all day and we will get a big bill at the end of the month.

Please let me know.