Unreal Studio Datasmith Not Importing Texture Maps

Recently installed the Unreal Studio Beta, specifically to try out the ArchViz realtime workflow from my interior design models produced in Revit. Unreal Studio installed and seems to perform perfectly. However, an issue which I have (which could be a silly oversight on my part), is that all objects within the model do not contain any image or bump maps that were originally created.

My workflow is as follows: Space plan, add furniture, and texture (a lot of these textures contain image maps such as wood grains) all objects in Revit > Use Suite Workflow to import entire model into 3Ds Max (all textures import fine and image maps appear with no problems) > Export to Datasmith file type > Import into Unreal Studio using Datasmith import.

After importing into Unreal Studio, I have re-built the lighting and textures, and the error log displays no obvious errors relating to maps. All meshes show diffuse colours, but do not show any image / bump maps and all have a highly reflective sheen. If I open any of these textures in the texture editor, no image or bump maps are shown.

Is there a crucial step I have missed out, or is Datasmith currently unable to import certain types of maps created within Autodesk Material Libraries?