Unreal Studio / Datasmith Exerecise File

Hello total noob here, I have just started going through the Datasmith video tutorial 201 “Preparing Design Data for Optimal Performance”.
And for the life of me can’t find the “201: 3.0 Exercise Files” (Courtesy of Turbosquid).
I have been going in circles for hours now, to the point I am wondering if there is a file.
Could someone please help me out, and tell where or if, there is such a downloadable file, thanks.

Hi! Thanks for your question. Actually, there are no free downloadable files for this course at this time. In video 201:3.0 the author mentions that we are using a scene courtesy of Turbosquid and that you can follow along with your own files even though 201 isn’t really a hands-on follow along course at this time. In the future we are planning on releasing more tutorial files with our sessions.

If you’re interested in the file anyway, here is the one we used from Turbosquid. Buts its not a requirement for the course. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models…r-scene/689747

Hope this helps,

Thanks , for clearing that up, I can manage with my own files, it’s just that everything in the video felt like it was a follow along and the 201.3.0 “Exercise Files” video title, kinda sent me off into that wild goose chase.