Unreal Studio Datasmith DWG import first feedbacks


First of all it’s fantastic to see Autocad solids imported with one click in UE4.

Here are some returns of my first imports
I used only 3d Solid and “Blocks” (instances), on layers of different colors (no materials).

>It is not possible to import a dwg into unreal when the file is already open in Autocad. The editor crash instantly (crash report attached)

>It seems impossible to import more recent dwg than the “Autocad drawing 2013” format.

>The coordinates of placements in space are not respected, this is the most annoying point. (pictures attached)

Are there particular precautions or specific recommendations for importing dwg files?


edit: with a little more complex scene (only) 3d solid

Another test, same simple Autocad scene, here the “3d Solid” objects are replaced by “Surface” objects.

The Datasmith import is completely missed. (no import of color information (material) and objects are multiplied with incorrect placements.)

Lightmaps things,

Datasmith generates lightmaps for objects, which is good because in Autocad I do not know if it is possible to manage several uv channels.
It seems that the generated lightmap is placed on the UV channel 2, but in the unreal object manager the lightmap index source points to channel 1 by default.
It’s a bit tedious to change the source lightmap index object by object.

This is a general concern in Datasmith import , which automatically generates lightmaps (with more or less quality), we have no choice, even when we have already created a lightmap uv channel (in max pe) we must change the index manually after import.

Thanks for testing. For any issues that seem like a bug (especially for example, the crash) please report them individually here:

Logging a bug report is the best way for us to confirm, log, and address issues.


Done, thanks :wink: