Unreal Studio Beta - Information & Resources

Unreal Studio is now in open beta!

What is Unreal Studio?
Unreal Studio provides tools and services to create stunning visuals and immersive experiences for architecture, product design, and manufacturing. It includes Datasmith, a workflow toolkit to efficiently transfer Autodesk 3ds Max and CAD data into Unreal Engine, along with learning, technical support, and assets. Unreal Studio is provided under a 100% royalty-free license that grants access to all the features of Unreal Studio and Unreal Engine 4. For further details, please consult the Unreal Studio EULA.

Unreal Studio Introduction Video

For more detailed information, please visit: Datasmith - Unreal Engine
For answers to common questions, please review our Enterprise FAQ

Getting Started with the Unreal Studio Beta
Visit the GetStudio page to log into your Epic account and sign up for the Unreal Studio Beta. This is an open beta, so access is immediately granted to all. (however, please note that that the Datasmith plugin is currently only supported on Windows).

Once you have Unreal Studio access, you will need to download the latest version of the Unreal Engine from the Epic Games launcher. The Datasmith plugin and additional resources are also provided on the launcher’s Library page.

Separately, download the latest Exporter plugins for software like 3ds Max from here: Datasmith - Unreal Engine

Getting Started with Unreal Studio Video

For detailed information, see our Installing Datasmith documentation and Importing Guide.

Unreal Studio Resources

Please use this forum section for workflow discussions and feedback related to Unreal Studio. For technical support, bug reports, and questions for Epic, please use the Unreal Studio support site.