Unreal Studio Beta 4.19 Release

What is new for Unreal Datasmith (v0.18)

Photometric Lighting
Unreal 4.19 supports lighting units and asymmetric IES profiles. Datasmith should now transport this information from 3ds Max correctly. Now, with similar lighting conditions (Photometric Lights or Vray IES lights and Physical Camera + Exposure), results in 3ds Max and Unreal should be very similar.

New Project Template
The new Product Viewer template is available for Unreal Studio projects, which enables users to see models in VR, AR, or on a PC screen and perform basic viewing interactions. For additional information view the Template Usage Guide.

Exporter Improvements
The 3Ds Max exporter has greatly improved performance with faster scene parsing, and visual feedback with a progress bar during the export.

Numerous Bug Fixes
See full release notes for details

Release Notes

Please submit all Unreal Studio/Datasmith bug reports here >>> https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.c…community-page

Unreal Studio Beta 4.19 Hotfix Notes

Version 0.181 - April 19, 2018


  • Avoid slow import and missing parts of JT files by temporally disabling metadata extraction.
  • Improve memory usage when importing SolidWorks models.
  • Product Viewer template use default plugins set to avoid full project compilation.

Version 0.182 - May 2, 2018


  • Fixed an editor crash that could occur when deleting materials imported with Datasmith.

Any update on SketchUp plugin?

Should be in Preview1, tentatively by end of next week, but same week as Unreal Academy, so sorry if it spills over to a week later.

I’m excited for the sketchup plugin too. Projects look amazing in Unreal, but it’s been tough to get them imported.

SketchUp is now available for the 4.20 release:


Version 0.183 - Oct 4, 2018

  • Install the plugin update from the Epic Games Launcher’s Library page.

Fixed in 4.19 Datasmith version 0.183
This Datasmith update addresses a new issue triggered by a recent version of the Epic Games Launcher, which prevented the ability to perform all Datasmith imports. This is additionally our response to a longstanding issue that affected a percentage of users and could cause the temporary or permanent blocking of imports based on network, security, or other challenges with a user’s system.

With this update, we no longer expect these obstacles to arise while performing Datasmith imports, and we are glad to remove that friction and improve your experience with Unreal Studio.

Thank you.