Unreal Studio 4.20 Preview

@pf_breton Just fyi, been trying to post that report few times over the course of the day. It never actually gets submitted though, not sure if the site is having problems or something.

Can a static mesh be converted into a stationary (or movable) mesh in order to have a good lightmap result?
I ask because I had a bad result with a static mesh and when I switched to movable, it does not have lightmap result.

Movable objects don’t get baked AFAIK.

The Exporter plugins for 3ds Max and Sketchup have been updated today to go along with 4.20 Preview 3.

You can download them from here -

UE 4.20 Preview 4 has released today, along with a matching update for Unreal Studio and updates to the exporter plugins.

In the Launcher, make sure to update BOTH the Engine slot, and the Datasmith plugin.

Can’t anybody point me to documentation on the new mesh editing feature or explain how to use it? I have the plugin enabled but don’t see any options for it.

**Mesh Editing: **Basic ability to select face/s and perform operations on them, such as detaching to create a new mesh, deleting, or flipping their normals. This helps fix import problems where changing the source data is difficult or impossible.

Open a mesh and check for “EditMode” at the top right of the window, nect to “Bake out Materials”. Once toggled on you can select your faces (single, by material or mesh group) and then delete, flip or assign a new material to it !

Thanks Legendre,

I don’t have that option, not sure what’s going on… Verified again that I’m on 4.20 preview 4 with all the plugins enabled.

你好ue4 4.20preview好像无法使用FABRIK

While you’re in the editor, can you go to Help > About and copy what version it has listed there?

UE 4.20 Preview 5 has released today.

In the Launcher, make sure to update BOTH the Engine slot, and the Datasmith plugin.

I’m glad that Preview 5 come with nDisplay template but without the Docs. Even Google cannot give me nothing about it.
I played with PIE and packaged builds, tweaked the cfg file a little bit, Still don’t know how to sync two instances.

Kinda like to know what’s the proper setup, especially on localhost multi instances.

Can’t wait for the release version.

Image attached!

how to turn off automatic generating of UV-s?

[edit] Do you have the Datasmith plugin installed for 4.20?

Hi. Is the video out/ timecode/genlock functionality only present in the ‘Studio’ version or is it in 4.20 generally? Is there a difference?

I had a poke about with the nDisplay settings - am I right in thinking the engine will now output an off-axis type render based on the observer/real-life-camera’s position?


Area lights huh? I need to try the 4.20 preview then :slight_smile:

Yes, support for asymmetric frustrums is provided in nDisplay.

Unreal Studio 4.20 is now released!

Thank you for your participation and feedback during the 4.20 Preview. The official 4.20 release is now available.

This topic for the Preview is being closed, please continue any 4.20 discussions in the new topic linked above.