Unreal stuck at 45% all last versions

Hi ,
When i start a Vr template, UE stacks at 45% , i tried all last versions and i keep having same problem , i installed also the last version of steamvr and its same thing .
please any help .

thanks for your answer , in fact i left it for more than an hour , but it keeps stacking, i thought that may be this bug due to the version i tried other versions and it keeps like that.
i dont know if shaders must have access to Visual studio to compile , because i don’t have it installed .
i am trying to use bleuprint not c++ scripting.

Open Task Manager and check if there are ShaderCompilerWorker.exe tasks running. When UE stacks at 45% then these are usually shaders compiling :slight_smile:

Simply wait. It can take pretty long time (minutes) to do all the stuff.

i am not sure if it’s a bug in this version , because i have the same thing in other version and at 45% which is very weird !! ,
for the shader compiler no there is no insrances in the task manager in fact the CPU is a 20%, which means there is no compilation .

Shaders compiles no matter if blueprints or c++ is used. If you open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) on Windows you might find something like this

If not… it might be a bug in 4.23 Preview indeed.