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Ever wanted to watch a game being made live? Interested in experiencing tutorials along with other developers? Just want to hear some cool people being clever with game design? Then come over to and see what’s playing!

The Unreal Stream Team is a collection of professional developers and Unreal enthusiasts who livestream their awesome game content. The Unreal Engine channel hosts these awesome folks all the time, so be sure to come by and check out what’s being made live!

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Do you have an awesome stream? Want us to check out your stream? Feel free to contact me or anyone from the team!

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I just wanted to chime in and say this sounds great but … those in charge need to add some more restrictions to this. I feel Epic staff may need to step in and ensure some type of guidelines are being followed.

For example … right now as of this post unrealengine is hosting one of the Team Members listed above, and they are not even doing anything related to Unreal Engine.
The problem with this? … there are several other streamers who are actually streaming Unreal Engine itself/Game Development. (xDrDoSX, FrankiePixelShow, Meldamiriel, RainbowWarrior_, oldworlrpg are all on and doing actual game dev as of this post … but unrealengine is hosting someone playing with GarysMod)

Why is this accepted? (confused) I feel those who want to be auto hosted by UnrealEngine (the OFFICAL may I add twitch account) should have a dedicated stream for UNREAL ENGINE/Game development ONLY for UnrealEngine to host them.
Not sure how but those in charge should ensure there is a rotation of all #UE4/Game developers so everyone gets a fair use of this COMPANY twitch stream account.

Just my 2cents and I feel the above should be resolved quickly as it is unfair for others who are actually streaming UE4, vs off playing some video games that have nothing to do with UE4.

Hello Zeiten,

We hear your concerns, however the “person doing nothing UE4 related” is actually not something we can control, the engine stream has auto hosting for certain people, this is something I myself can’t even access and we can’t unhost automated hosting. Whenever one of our team members streams something unrelated to Unreal Engine they let me, or someone else know and we will look out for other people to host.

In most cases this is whenever there’s no other UE4 stream, or no English UE4 stream. We also don’t have eyes on who’s streaming 24/7, we also have lives and can’t check constantly to see if a Unreal Engine person is actually live.

In another case, not all people who are auto hosted are part of this team, so we’re not always notified whenever someone on the stream is not using Unreal Engine.

Auto hosting is not controlled by the Epic Stream Team or Unreal Engine, it’s automated by Twitch and we can’t change that, nor can we change the rotation or anything related to that.

People from our team are not exclusive UE4, and whenever they want to play games or do something else they are free to do what they want, we’re free people. We do not grant hosting to those not streaming UE4.

In your exact case, I can’t say why this happenned, but it’s most likely because of autohosting kicking in on someone we don’t know was playing something else(And i do require everyone to say whenever they stream something not UE4 so i’d know). If it’s a member of the team we were aware but we aren’t checking 24/7 if someone else is doing Unreal Engine.

Noted, but you can control who is on the auto host list (or someone can) And if there are no such restrictions you allow users to stream non game dev related content … which was experienced most of Saturday from

I feel a company’s official twitch streaming account should have some guidelines and if any user who is on the autohost cannot abide by those rules of having an account solely for game dev vs LoL/WoW/CS:GO/ they shouldn’t be allowed to be on the auto host list.

As there is a priority given to the auto host list … and if one user happens to be above another who is hosting game dev, and the higher priority is streaming games … there’s no way around it other than hoping someone in charge changes the priority.

Noted, but you can control who is on the auto host list (or someone can) And if there are no such restrictions you allow users to stream non game dev related content … which was experienced most of Saturday from

I feel a company’s official twitch streaming account should have some guidelines and if any user who is on the autohost cannot abide by those rules of having an account solely for game dev vs LoL/WoW/CS:GO/ they shouldn’t be allowed to be on the auto host list.

As there is a priority given to the auto host list … and if one user happens to be above another who is hosting game dev, and the higher priority is streaming games … there’s no way around it other than hoping someone in charge changes the priority.

I understand no one can watch 24/7 - thus my post and the suggestion that a requirement of having a game dev only account to be listed on the auto host so we never run into this issue of having an auto hosted member, higher on the priority list, playing a game vs a lower priority member who is actually doing game dev, being over shadowed by a non game stream.

I think the stream you are referring to on Saturday was my 24hr stream for charity, where I did primarily games. I only do this gaming stream once a year, so it’s not exactly a problem that pops up frequently on my part. I did forewarn the team, but with GDC incoming and the current manual host override being a volunteer position it wasn’t always possible to host someone who WAS streaming UE4.

We had already discussed within the team whether we should turn off autohost to avoid such situations, and I think we will be discussing pros and cons some more. The current auto-host system has a lot of flaws, and the priority system only kicks in when a hosted stream goes offline, meaning that a higher priority stream can go online, but the hosts wont swap unless someone manually overrides or the currently hosted stream ends. There’s no way for the hosted channel to decline a host either, which would have solved the issue this weekend. Realistically though, the incidents of those of us already on the team streaming non dev, is very very low overall.

(On the bright side that non-dev stream you might have stumbled over on Saturday raised £3,679.20 for the charity SpecialEffect, they make custom controllers / setups so that disabled people can get (back) into gaming. Sorry about the non UE4 content though.)

<3 <3 <3

**A quick note to everyone reading: I do not stream myself so this isn’t an attempt to get the spotlight on my account. **

Hello Gladpus!

I’m overly happy to hear you are streaming for charity, that is the most noble of causes! If I was to ever stream I would attempt to do the same. I do not stream myself so please don’t take my first post or response to Celest’s as a personal gripe towards you at all for this past Saturday if that was you. (I assume so with your post it was?) All I remember is the content was not game development for hours. Not just a small 30 minutes to an hour break AND there were several (I gave a list of names above) users who were doing game dev and I believe two or three even UE4 game dev. To me that’s not OK.

Again, nothing personal to you and please do not take it that way. I just wanted to point this out publicly to the team (“Lead” in this case) and I’m sorry I can’t swallow the response of “no one is on 24/7 so it happens” and shrug it off as being OK. If Epic is OK with this then I will bow to their wishes, and never speak of this again. However, until that point, this is their official channel for game development (UnrealEngine) and I feel it strongly discourages others who want to be part of this community and get hosted by UnrealEngine while they do game development. Is that not the point of this who endeavor of being auto hosted by UnrealEngine? To build a community of game developers, to host game developers who are making games? Maybe I’m wrong and feel free to correct me anyone on the team, and if so I am truly sorry for my misunderstanding.

Regardless though, I came here with the problem AND pointed out a clear and very easy to implement solution that would solve this, and frankly the response was unsatisfactory. As you mentioned, there is a clear flaw in the way it is right now. And until Twitch gives members the ability to turn off being auto hosted, I feel this is the only solution without having Epic staff/Members of this team constantly monitoring it 24/7 to ensure those being auto hosted are doing game development. But as it was pointed out that’s not possible so the easy solution (and one that makes absolute sense) is that is if you want on the host list you have an account that is only for Game Development. Why should anyone be allowed to be auto hosted and not doing Game Development overshadow those who are?

I feel, as do two of the above-mentioned users who I won’t mention their names unless they wish to chime in as their thoughts should not be publicly stated without consent, this discourages the community to grow. Hearing they don’t want to bother being added and why (the list and those at the top will always get auto hosted first – again remember I do not stream so I had no idea auto host was like this until Saturday) - and clearly being added won’t matter.

Something needs to be done. The solution I gave is a perfect solution with no flaws. If you (in general, not a personal response to you Gladpus) want personal time of non-game development streaming, a second account can be constructed no? If someone doesn’t want to make two accounts and stream games + game dev on their only account then you shouldn’t be added to the list of users to be auto hosted by a game development’s official twitch to promote your gaming skills as well. How selfish can someone be? Obviously, there are exceptions like charities which I fully understand but without 24/7 monitoring how would you (general statement here) ensure that someone is indeed doing a charity stream?

… hmmm just noticed this …

but …

So … you absolutely can do something about this? You even state “someone lets you know or someone else know and you look out for others to host” … but even disregarding that … Gladpus states you do have manual override. So is this a lie to us? Saying you can’t? Because one second you make it sound like you have control over it, ^-- “we look for others to host” next you don’t then Gladpus mentions manual override. Hmmmmmm…

We can and can’t do anything about it.
Yes we can override who is currently being hosed, we can’t unhost a automated host.
Shortly put if an automated host is something not UE4 and there’s no current UE4 stream we can’t unhost, if there is a UE4 stream we can but we don’t always notice this. Some people stream in categories where we don’t expect people to stream and with the new twitch creative and communities it’s getting harder to have all game developers, certainly UE4 developer show up on one place so it is possible we miss a person that is streaming or we just don’t have time that day to check.

If someone from the team lets me know that is also on the autohost list(Note, not everyone on that list is in the team) I will try to look out for other hosts, and usually i will find someone but if i don’t I can’t check every 15 minutes whether or not someone else popped up, and this is where the team comes in, we all check when we have time but it is possible that at certain times no one has time to look for another host.

NOTE: I do not personally stream, nor have any desire to. This is a concern for those who do.

I’m unsure how to respond to you. My second concern at this point is how you became leader of this team? As a leader of this public gift you should be striving to resolve all issues brought up. I came here to point out an obvious problem and even gave a reasonable solution which you still, as ‘leader’, have ignored and not commented on which would solve this problem. And after reading both your responses it’s just littered with excuses. Anyone can deduce the same opinion I have by reading this whole thread, sadly.

I’ll still humor your response of you don’t have rights (which we all know you do at this point) but if no one on the team who has these powers that Gladpus mentioned (which you failed to tell us as leader …. I really, really wonder why?) why wouldn’t the privilege of being hosted by UnrealEngine have that simple requirement: If you wish to be auto hosted → do game development only. This way you do not get Auto Hosted and end up doing (whatever non-game development related) over others who are? (Again, I will state I believe there should be exceptions for Charity --only–)

However, I’ve dug into this for you as I feel at this point you do not know fully what you are leading. (A simple search brought the following link up):
Again, I’d like to state personally I’m unsure how you became leader of this team without knowledge of twitch. This is a twitch focused game development team, right? However, we do not have to worry about the ‘priority list’: Clearly in the link, the second to last question at the bottom states you can have it do random selections of a list vs a priority list. Fantastic! that resolves “favoritism” in the list and prioritization and I hope it is that way. But the issue remains, which you pointed out twice now and I am responding to twice: Members of this team cannot be on 24/7 and it’s not (shouldn’t be) expected of volunteers; so, to resolve this issue there should be requirements to ensure those who get this privilege of auto hosting are doing it correctly. If they violate it, give a warning. If violated again removed from the auto host list and never added again. It’s not difficult.

Sadly, at this point I cannot discuss this with you anymore as you have clearly showed there is no understanding on your end or simply no concern for a very real problem I have disclosed or even bothered to acknowledge the solution. As well as not mentioning information that should be public to everyone here (that you can manually do things). It’s my understanding, you do not own the UnrealEngine twitch, I may be wrong and if so all of this is a waste of time for me but I don’t think that is the case? However, as a leader you should be striving to resolve all issues brought up, not trying to make excuses.

Either way, I will be contacting Epic Staff to help assist in this matter as you have shown you have no desire to fix it. I recommend others who wish to be auto hosted also bring it up to an Epic Staff. Clearly the leader of this gift is not acting in a way that is welcoming. The image this gift is getting from your responses is not a very good one. What if someone else has a problem? You will respond the same way? Lies? No desire to show concern? This is very, very bad.


We are aware of the issues, and I do not have access to the auto host list, as proof see this image.

I do have the desire to fix this, the reason why I “haven’t yet done anything about it” as you say is because of GDC, I have no intention to bother the community managers with this issue until GDC is over, I have mentioned it before GDC but Epic Games is extremely busy before GDC so we weren’t able to solve it.

Without access to the auto host list I am not even sure who is on the list so enforcing a requirement(which is nothing we will ever do, and this is internally discussed) is not even possible, I do not own the UnrealEngine twitch account and do not have direct access, I only have access to decide who is manually hosted.

Everyone is free to stream what they want, and we’re discussing solutions for this issue but right now we can’t do anything about it until the GDC heat cools down.

If you have concerns you’re free to contact Epic about it.

Hi Zeiten,

You have brought up a valid concern and we thank you for the feedback. Having said this, it is important to note that neither Celeste nor Gladpus are to blame here, nor have they been providing excuses. The auto hosting functionality is only available to Epic staff and cannot be updated by anyone outside of Epic staff, so the stream team is not at fault. We are going to look into our current auto hosting process and see what improvements can be made.


I was informed that a staff member replied and I wanted to come say thank you.

I’m overly happy to hear that they do not have rights as clearly the issues are of no concern to this group’s leader. There is obvious miscommunication as well, as one point, she says they have no rights and another team member says they do have rights…

I hope she is spoken to about this behavior as I personally know at the moment of this post three unreal game development steamers who read this thread and do not want the hassle of potential complications that could arise and be brushed off as indicated by the leader here and/or the issues mentioned above. Mr. Davis you’re more than welcome to PM me and I’ll give you the names of the streamers so you may contact them yourself to verify this statement which is a clear indicator this problem is already having an impact on others.

A side note as one of the members attempted to make a point was that you can’t have multiple accounts. Just for everyone’s knowledge it is legal and possible to have multiple twitch accounts linked to one email. I made four myself to the same email tonight. A second argument that was made which is rather sad in my opinion was about follower count…why abuse this gift for your personal gain? I would hope everyone who joins this list has some moral fiber for others…but it doesn’t seem so at this point.

Again the solution I proposed above is a valid one and would solve all the problems mentioned above. If it’s wanted by Epic that’s another topic. But I am happy to hear it is being looked into. I hope a solution is proposed and enforced quickly, as this issue is one that is easily avoidable by the very simple proposed requirement suggested above.

Thank you Mr. Davis
Feel free to message me anytime for anything. I’ll gladly assist in any way possible. I just want fairness for everyone who streams. (again I do not personally stream and this is for those who fear retribution to publicly voice concerns)

Zeiten there is an easy solution to not wanting to watch games if they by chance happen to be on that stream, don’t watch them…

Hey everyone,

I deeply apologize I wasn’t available to respond to this sooner. I’ve just gotten back into the office and I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify what you were experiencing @Zeiten and why it won’t be an issue as much going forward.

The curators of the Unreal Engine stream have the ability to override the currently hosted channel with another live channel, but they cannot unhost a stream without content to replace it. This is a limitation of Twitch and I’m currently talking with their people to request the /unhost feature, which is the core of the problem. I’ll also review the auto-host list with the team and they can tell me who/what should be in it and I can make those changes as the account owner. We also plan on adding more Editors who live in different time zones, since the problem of not always catching non-development streams stems from only a few people being awake at certain times of the day. These Editors work on a volunteer basis and we at Epic really appreciate their work.

That being said, I wish to clarify, I am the account owner. Celeste is an Editor and all Editors do not have access to the autohosting features, but have the power to do host overrides if there is a channel to host. As I said, I am working to have this fixed.

To everyone else out there, please feel free to help out your community by streaming your game development with #UE4 on twitch. Thanks!

You sir with one reply have shown everyone here why exactly you are the Community Manager. You have brought back lost hope with a simple reply. I am overly ecstatic at everything you said and truly care about the community and supporting those that stream. Thank you for such a wonderful reply, truly I tip my hat to you.

Keep up the amazing work

No problem! Thanks for watching the streams :smiley:

Thank you for sharing these information,these are new knowledge to me. I am new to this forum.

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