Unreal Store Viewer

The marketplace is still missing a few features I would like to see:

  • Order by Stars,
  • Order by Weighted Rating (combination of Stars and amount of Ratings),
  • Rate the assets for myself, so I can better decide what assets to buy, after I looked over the assets with higher discounts.

To fix this I wrote a program for the current fall sale.

Start by executing UnrealStoreViewer.exe
You can click on Load from file to select the latest Web Crawled data in Results\Parser.
With 1,2,3,4,5 you can rate assets and with 0 or ^ you can reset the rating.
With enter or clicking on the marketplace URL you can open the asset.
You can save your ratings by clicking on Save to file.

The web crawler is currently deactivated in this version because I don’t know how happy Epic is about web crawling their store.
The fall assets are in the current version and I will probably add the next few event sales as well.

Unreal Store Viewer 1.0 Portable (Google Drive)

*You might need to install .NET Framework 4.6.1, if you don’t have it or a later version already.
*Windows Defender always complains about programs it doesn’t know, here is a VirusTotal scan of the zip.