Unreal still being HACKED

I don’t have Fortnight, but I use the Unreal Market place. just got 5 emails saying I bought $99.99 worth of 10,000 (+3,500 Bonus) V-Bucks 5 times. Thanksfully I only use PayPal and they are stopping the charges. WTF Epic!! Why haven’t you people fixed this **** yet!!! Who knows how much they would have ganked me for if I hadn’t been at my computer to un-link the account and reset my password. How the FK did they get into my account in the first place, I never got/responded to any emails and there is no way in hell they could have guessed my password. Needless to say I am so ****** that I might have to go do our development with Unity after this.

Hi ,

I’m messaging Epic through back channels to see if I can get an answer for you, there have been a few reports of this from other users today as well.

In the meantime please read through this Security bulletin for more details on how to protect yourself from further issues:

Personally if I was you I would immediately change your password and turn on 2-factor authentication to make sure they can’t get in. You can do this by hovering over your name at the top right of this page and select “Personal”, then go to Password & Security and scroll down to the bottom.

If you have an account on some place that’s had a data breach then it’s likely that someone will use that info to try and log in to other places (like your Epic account). Best things to do–if a place has two-factor authentication then enable it. For any sites that you shop online don’t allow them to keep your payment info if possible. For your important accounts try to use passwords that you don’t use anywhere else so that they can’t access those accounts by getting info from another site.

Why people keep active payment methods on several sites is beyond me. Why keep it active if it’s not required or you’re not buying or selling something? I don’t know.

i had this similar but it was with league of legends and minecraft, i kept getting hacked even tho they have to have access to my gmail, and gmail check all the connections to the server and my emails and it only said my computer had accessed my emails, stopped after i changed my email password tho and formatted my computer. the only way i can think this is possible is that they used my computer as a relay to access my inbox and then send it from my computer to whoever requested it. other then that i have literally no idea.

Thats what happened to me few hour ago.!!! am so mad… i dont play fortnite, and am shocked when i got email with “ORDER DETAILS” and I want my 40$ back… SHAME ON YOU EPIC GAMES, HOW DARE YOU… I dont belive this is hack, they just STEAL money from us, SHAME!!!

Are you selling something in the Marketplace? If not, then why the hell did you have an active payment method?