UNREAL - STEAM: How expensive and how sales works?

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How expensive is the revenue cuts after $3,000 when making a game with Unreal and selling through Steam, how it Works? If Steam gets its royalties before you cashout, based on which amount Unreal get its royalties, for example: If my game sales are $40,000 will be:

($40,000 - $3,000) * 0.05 = $1,850 quarterly or $616 monthly, then you also have to lose 30% of the original 40,000 as Steam revenue? or it is calculated after 5%

Are these percentages up to date or they vary?

How do you pay and how Epic knows if your game already reached $3,000?

I read Steam policy, it seams like any one can sell a game after Steam checks its quality, pay $100 and sign a couple of paper work, but some people say you cant sell without Publisher… but reading their policy it doesn´t seem that way. Steamworks Partner Program


Source: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine
The Report is here: Unreal Engine Royalty Form - Formstack

40.000 - 3.000 = 37.000 $
37.000 * 0,05 = 1850 $ <- This is the amount of money you would have to pay to EPIC at the end of the quarter (up to 45 days later, since you wont get the money immediately, you wont even know the actual revenue until roughly 25 days later.)

40.000 * 0,3 = 12.000 $ <- This is the amount of money Valve would take.

40.000 - (12.000 + 1850) = 26.150 $ <- This is the amount of money you would have left at the end of the quarter, after paying EPIC the 5%, and Valve the 30%.

But keep in mind that you still would need to pay Taxes in your country (from the 26.150 you have left over)

I guess it is payed by bank transfer, maybe Paypal - not sure.
I also expect Epic to have an Agreement with Valve to get the data of sales for certain games, if they ask (then it would be easy to calculate for them)

Yes, anyone can sell a game on steam, after going through the “quality check” :rolleyes:.
You dont need a publisher on Steam, you can be your own.
The 100$ Fee (actual Price depends on your country) is recoupable.

But, to be honest:
The last thing you should care about at the moment is Epics 5% Fee.
At first you should create a game that actually generates this much revenue on steam.

In my Opinion, Epics 5% are “nothing” compared to the amount of money that you will “loose” due to Tax and Valve. (I would need to pay roughly 40% tax on the 26.150$ left over in the above calculation… which would leave me with 15-16.000 from the 40.000 Revenue.)

Something that i do not know is:

  • Do Refunded games also count into the overall amount? (I mean, everyone probably has 1-2% refunds due to issues like fraud, and the users hardware (not read the requirements))

Since it’s 5% of the gross-revenue the real percentage is a lot higher. So if you have high server/hosting costs, infrastructure or live in a country with 30% tax rate it’s rather 15-20% of the net amount you have left…

In the upper example without paying Epic you have 28.000$ left, leaving you with 18.200$ on a 30% Tax Rate. And if from that you deduct Epics Fee it’s already 10.2% percent…

I have a game in steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/665950/Creepy_Races/

Some Facts

  • The 96 % of the game is markeplace art nobody cares about that.
  • I dont have a publisher and currently I’m not a company of any kind.
  • After 6 months I have not returned the initial $ 100 dollars that I put.
  • The last payment of 200 gross dollars became 89 euros net.

Thanks for answers!

this means that if my game made 3K each quarter i have to pay to Epic, meaning that if the first quarter the game sells 2K i dont have to pay, but if the second quarter it makes 5K i do have to pay, then when the third quarter it sells only 1K i stop paying again, meaning you only pay if during any quarter it makes 3K? then there is quarters you pay and quarters you dont, obviously this means that if my game only sells 2,5K each quarter, i never have to pay unless it reaches 3K during 1 quarter…LOL my english must be confusing.

I only missed the “how to pay to Epic” question, i cant use paypal at my country but i can make wiretransfers, but i dont know how long is going to take to Steam to make that transfer to my country or how long is my country going to take to enable it or if ther is going to be any problem to receive the money and pay Epic…this could be a big trouble, if there is delays Epic might think i already got the money then i dont want to pay, thats why i asked how epic knows if my game made money on Steam AND if Epic also knwo if Steam already paid me, because if it already reached 3K but steam hasn´t sent that money to my account by any reason and 45 days already passed, Epic might get angry that i havent paid, but in reality Steam hasn,t paid or transfer might still be pendent…so that inside information about payments could be great if some one outside USA can explain, at least with examples bucause it could be a very troubled process,

Anyway…Great help guys, you certainly rock

Awesome information.


Yeah BurnZ

Thats why i asked about this 5% cost befor first cut… because it feels a Little odd that it has to be calculated from full amounts rather than profit, because it means its value, as you said it right its way higher if it has to be calculated before Steam makes their cut, a bit shaddy because its been calculated from an amount that you dont even have, its not 35% total, its more like 40%, and you still need to pay another 40% as tax depending on your country at the end, you get like 40% of the real money if you get lucky.