Unreal speed-run

Little too late but there currenly speed run of original Unreal on SGDQ2015, if you want to see Unreal 1 being broken then check it out :stuck_out_tongue: it ends around 6PM CET

I was really happy when I saw your thread Shadowriver, I was wondering if someone here was watching the run too :smiley:
Currently watching it, great entertainment and funny to watch games getting broken :stuck_out_tongue:

Cliff Bleszinski is watching and even donated some money ;] I will post YouTube video if i find one later for those who missed this speed run

Yeah, I catched that too, also he donated again after the run ^^

The speedrun has been completed in 43min:26sec.
Epic seems to have done a good job with their game almost no out of bounds, glitches or similar. It was more about damage boosting and good movement, so one of the lesser broken games so far :smiley:

Didn’t you notice that he was explaining quick game saving as it lifts player pawn a little? It seems it was UE1 problem because in previues run which was “Wheel of Time” which is also UE1 game they used exact same glitch

If you got video of can you upload it? i didn’t recorded but i though somebody will upload

Yeah, I forgot that part despite it being used quite often.

I didn’t record it, but I have a link to the Twitch VOD