UNREAL SPACES #1 / CONCRETE - archviz / vr test - what could be better?

I’ve been playing with UE4 for some time and decided to do a little video to integrate everything I’ve learned & experimented with.

I’ve tried to achieve simillar atmosphere to the famous CGI archviz movie “The Third & The Seventh” - I’ve been curious if UE4 is capable of such quality w/o postprocessing tweaks.

Modelling in sketchup, auto-generated lightmap UVs, lightning by directional light, light built on preview quality (ha-ha!)

Comments & critique highly appreciated, when you look so long at one thing you stop noticing flaws.
Questions about the process? I’ll be happy to anwser!

Stills postprocessed in Photoshop:




There is just one point where VRAY still gives better results and that is the indirect shadows… UE4 lighting is great, but it lacks the definition required to produce nice shadows indoors. You can see that everything seems to be floating. I’ve played a lot with parameters but I’m still not able to achieve the perfect indirect shadows…

Despite that, post process and shaders are really amazing, almost VRAY level. That’s a nice work, congrats!

It’s not so much a lack of indirect shadows that’s causing that, but lack of ambient occlusion. It can be a bit tricky to get contact shadows to appear with the right balance of settings.

can you show your world setting and lighting parameters ?? and amazing job man really well done

I like it, especially that last picture. Very clean. =)

I agree with SE_JonF - super clean. A bit bummed that the screenshots were touched up in PS, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Another user, Koola, has done a great job emulating the same style -

Keep it up!