Unreal Source Code Ends with Errors

I downloaded UE4 source code for multiplayer. When I run GenerateProjectFiles.bat it ends in errors. They say…
Unhandled exception; System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'file://C:\UnrealEngine-4.24\Engine\Intermediate\Build\BuildRules\UE4Rules.dll (Exception 0x80131515)
File name: 'file://C:\UnrealEngine 4.24\Engine\Intermediate\Build\BuildRules\UE4Rules.dll System. NotSupportedException: An attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location which would have caused the assembly to be sandboxed in previous versions of the .NET Framework. This release of the .NET Framework does not enable CAS policy by default, so this load may be dangerous. If this load is not intended to sandbox the assembly, please enable the loadFromRemoteSources switch.

My online research pulled up these websites which I believe are related to my issue…

The first link says you need to click unblock. Yet, there is no unblock option which is visible either when I click on Unreal source code zip or unzipped file. To get around this I tried unblocking by using powershell unblocking commands. Each time I entered them, nothing happened.

The second link says you need to set loadfromremotesources = true in config file. Yet, I’m not familiar with Unreal source code. Which file is the Unreal config file and, how would I edit it?

I’m using Visual Studio 2019, with Unreal 4.24.1. I have all the VS 2019 tool kits, and I set my most recent Unreal project to use VS 2019 in the editor settings. I’ve been running as an admin.

Could someone please help me!