Unreal Sochi. Need some help with fixing errors

Hello community! Really like UE4, want to go to the next level. Please help me to fix some errors with my first project:

  1. Black spots on sofa at 0:25 sec. Why they appear? There are no overlapping errors or something else. Sofa got 2 uv channels, lightmap res set to 1024, coord index set to 1, override lighting set to 1024 too.
  2. Wrong reflections on refrigerator 0:42 sec. Why they came from bathroom?
  3. Why light source goes across walls and ceiling at 0:50?
  4. Wrong reflections on mirrors in bathroom, start at 1:45. Feel like my camera has near viewport clipping. How can I fix it?

Video walkthrough -

Thank you!

As for the reflection related problems, try to add more reflection captures but with smaller radius. Here’s the How-To from Unreal Docs Reflections | Unreal Engine Documentation

For the spots on sofa, maybe (I’m not quite sure) the UV for lightmap (UV channel 2) is overlapping. This could happen if you’re using UE4’s automatic UV lightmap on complex objects. Since the overlapping area is quite small, UE4 doesn’t really mind and won’t warn you about it. Doing UV Unwrap manually is still the best way to create UV lightmap for complex objects.

Thank you for the reflection advice, I will try it.

I use 3dsmax unwrap modifier, then I apply flatten mapping with 0.02 spacing (and other mapping variations with different spacing like 0.1 etc.) There are many pieces of lightmap in the 2nd uv channel (3d model of sofa), if I 'm going to do this manually it would take a lot of time. Just look at this 2nd uv channel:

For best results you will want to create the lightmap UV’s by hand–especially for that shape you have very bad results with automatic flatten UV’s. Since those meshes are made from basic shapes they should be able to unwrap easily, the couch is made from box shapes and the pillows just need a UV seam around the edge.

Another way to ease your work is just use one pillow model, unwrap it, export that pillow as FBX, and then in UE4 you can duplicate it as many as you wish.

Tupikp, yes, this works with reflections. Thank you!
Maybe, but if I want pillows with different shapes I have to prepare each model separately instead of making one model, and it will take more time.

Darthviper107, I asked the author about this model - it was made in marvelous designer, maybe this programm create geometry that can not read UE4:confused:

This is the same model with same settings, but I migrate it in new first person template (default world settings). In my project I use custom world settings. Which could affect the outcome, what do you think?
default first person template:

My project:
num indirect light… - 100
indirect lighting quality - 10

You should be able to get a mesh from Marvelous Designer that already has the cloth flattened out for UV mapping, I would mess with that more since it would give you much better results.