Unreal Slackers - problem with joining

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask this, but here it goes.

I came across that there is an Unreal Engine community using Discord named “Unreal Slackers” (
I wanted to look at it, but to even take a look at what it is, one has to have a Discord account. I have never used Discord before, so I created an account and tried to proceed to join, but I got a mysterious error “Whoops…Unable to accept invite”.
I tried to contact Discord support, but they also gave me some generic answers:

  • “The user is already a member of 100 servers” - I just created the account
  • “The link itself is expired” - I don’t think so
  • “The IP is in the bans list for the server” - this one baffles me, as I wrote, I have never used Discord before, this is literary the first time I want to use it and try to join a server. Maybe I got an IP from the ISP that is banned? Possible, this is why I don’t even understand why use IP bans in the first place, when ISPs recycle IP addesses, but ok.

And they suggested me to contact the admin. Reasenable, but how do I do it? I found on the Unreal forums that maybe pfist is the admin, I pm-ed him, but he wasn’t online since july, so I don’t think he will answer soon.

Can anyone help me how can I join the Unreal Slackers Discord server?