Unreal Skeleton Joints invert when using basic ik in control rig

Howdy! I cannot figure out why this basic ik is not working. I know the material makes it hard to see but the joint always seems to invert their orientation when moving the rig:

I have checked the joint orientations in Maya and they should be the same as the ik (primary axis is x, secondary is y):

these orientations match unreal’s ik:

I’m still toying around changing the model in Maya but otherwise I’m stuck. I don’t know what I did wrong still. Thank you.

Alright I almost feel ashamed for posting this after finally working through my problems. For starters make sure your joints are in fact oriented well; my legs as you can see in the first picture have several orientations in different directions, when they need to be uniform throughout the ik system: here’s you can see they have a uniform direction compared to before.

Also a side note, the effector in the side handle must have the exact same transform as the foot bone including rotation or else the child joints will point in the direction of the node.

Also side side note yes I have tried to change my name from “Lord Trent” so something better, I am sorry it did not work for some reason.