Unreal site invalid security certificate


Im trying to access unreal website already 3 days, and I can’t, always get this “Your connection is not secure” (image below)

I have tried access the site from a HP notebook with Windows 10, from a MSI Gaming PC with Windows 10, from different browsers, from a Mac Book, from a Iphone 4 and from a Samsung Galaxy 7 phone…

On the phones I try to open the unreal site using the 3g/4g connection on the phones, from different provider from the internet pc/notebook… and I got the same message :frowning:

Also, on the notebook, I just format the notebook yesterday…and before and after the format, I got the same messages when I try access the Unreal sites.

Btw, Im in Finland, and I can open all other websites, only UE site have this certificate problem, and I just want download the engine and have access to UE Forum :frowning:

Also I try this video… and nothing works, I dont have antivirus on the HP notebook, only the Windows Defender (i turn off and still getting the certificate error)…

Below some images…

And this happen on all browsers, the eg below are from Opera…
if I ckick, “open anyway” this is what I got:


It’s an SSL problem. Epic could be merging from another webserver to another and your account could maybe not be on the list of merging yet.

It’s just a wild guess.

Try this just in case:

  1. Clear the browser’s cache.

  2. Clear your cookies.

  3. Close all browser windows.

  4. Re-open and try again.

Thanks for the fast reply WhyAreLess, I did what you say…and I still getting the same message… “Your connection is not secure” :confused:

If someone know, at least where I can get the UE launch, please tell me, if they have some kind of mirror

And thanks again WhyAreLess

Thanks man :smiley: