Unreal shows differences despite being at latest revision using Subversion

I did not know where to place this issue. Without a good category in the forums, I felt this may be a good place. Any suggestions to place elsewhere are welcome.

Issue: what seems to be very sporadic inconsistent syncing while using TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN server.

Evidence: Developer makes changes, commits using TortoiseSVN, commit is successful. Another dev performs a sync, and an expected update to some file does not transpire to the local working copy. The change is verified on the developer’s machine who made the change, and also verified through the SVN log, as well as ensuring the fiie had no edits on both local developers copy of the file: server and local dev should have the same file content.

I found that unreal was reporting the file was the latest revision, and subversion also reporting this (below). Dev closes Unreal, then performs an SVN update expecting nothing to change. However, after the update, the change appeared to be present. We went back into Unreal and found something very strange: The diff from current to depot (which is the same version, images below) show strange differences. They should be equivalent… I wish I did this prior forcing an update through SVN.

Could there be some kind of dataloss happening? I notice that syncing through Unreal has seems to crash unexpectedly sometimes. I have sent in logs.

Questions: Does using the Unreal to Commit or Sync result in different behavior than using Tortoise SVN to Commit and Update (unreal’s equivalent of sync)? So for example, if someone is using SVN to commit/and or update, vs someone else using the same source using Unreal to do commits/ and or syncing, is there possible metadata loss or some potential for issue there? In addition to that, i see Unreal Engine uses apache SVN binaries. We use TortoiseSVN client and VisualSVN server. I’m also wondering if there is a conflict of interest there as well.

What are the recommended versions of TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN? I cannot find this anywhere. I am using 4.24.3 and cannot say that this issue did or did not transpire before updating to 4.24. I also searched the changelogs for 4.23 and 4.24 but found nothing.

Thank you,