Unreal ShooterGame Project, ServerList Ignores First Server

I’ve been investigating this issue with a Fresh ShooterGame Project in 4.12.3 where the server list refuses to show the very first server.

You can connect via console and if you create a second server you can see that, and a third,etc…, but the first one will not show.

I can see that in SShooterServerList.cpp they check to see if the serverListcount is greater than 0, then display but for some reason the ServerList is 0 even when there is a server. So I switched my search to
FindSessions() in ShooterGameInstance.cpp but this is where I get lost. I’m not sure how exactly it pulls/finds the server or where it then populates the list.

Does anyone know where I can look to solve this?
Or help explain what is going on?

Bump, this is still happening even in Unreal 4.17.