Unreal Server is so slow for me

I mean, the Unreal engine forums, original site, docs site, epic launcher, paragon site etc infect everything that is related to epic game server is so slow for me, but I think as there’s not much complain about this most of community does not face problem, its not about one day or two rather since I’m hocked with Unreal, server is slow need maintenance/repair/improve or just something at my end though my internet works just fine for other sites/download/upload, at the time I’m typing epic launcher is still loading marketplace since ages.

Considering your location that’s likely the issue

umm all the web services I deal with are outside India infect most of em are in USA, but hardly face problem when net connection is there oppositely most of the time with epic server, infect whenever I faced slow loading I checked other sites, they worked flawlessly :slight_smile:

It’s still probably the issue, just because one U.S. based service works fine doesn’t mean all of them do.

One? it’s enormous anyway, as I said in my original post it’s not problem for most so they ain’t going to stick their nose into this, but I’d still recommend that on the time of schedule maintenance they should check if it’s not overloading and need repair but what I can say when server are overloaded/need maintenance/repair, the users who have comparably not fast net and higher latency suffers most :slight_smile: anyway I just tried to crosscheck in this thread that anyone else noticing slow server or just me.

I’m having the same problems. The webserver seems slow. When I enter the Unreal Engine forum from Google, opening multiple forum pages, pages are loading endless. There is no time-out response, there is no page result either. I don’t have similar problems with other forums.


I have the same, but only with AnswerHub. Forums work fine for me. Also in the Netherlands.

Yup the awnserhub seems slow in the Netherlands, the forums are indeed fine!

Yay, I got some support here and some proof that others also facing issue with Unreal Server, Ya kinda depends like forum is working for me now but Launcher, that decided not to open anything at all in the mean time docs is slow etc.

When I first started to install Unreal 4, everything including installing epic launcher was seeming to be pretty busy, I thought that was probably temporary but that’s still actually there at least for me.

Yes, the problem occurs only on the answer subdomain. Thank you for confirming.

The forum on the answer sub domain (answerhub) is loading normal again. Thank you! :cool:


I found out that the loading problem occurs using FireFox. Opera, Chrome and Edge (all based on Chromium) aren’t showing any loading problems. :frowning:

Same here too.
Sometimes first load never ends.
But i always cancel the first load, cancel it with x and reload, then it works for me.

This happens to me when the Epic Games Launcher or the UE4 is running.
For some reason they slow down the internet for certain websites. But it’s not using any bandwidth or anything. It’s just makes it harder to connect to certain websites.
Close down the apps and it’s smooth sailing again.

It’s been like this for at least a year for me. Many people seem to have the same issues but nothing seems to be done in order to fix it…