Unreal Sequencer sound positioning?

I’m having a hard time to understand how to play a regular “3d” sounds in my cutscene.
If i’m adding a “sound” track - it’s just an ambient sound, which is good for a music (just plays in all speakers, ambient-like).

But - if i want to create a car explosion - i need this sound to be located near the car exactly - if the car is on the right side, the sound should be played only in the right speaker.
How to make such simple thing? I was looking for a tutorials, but i didn’t find anything helpful.

If i’m adding “sound cue” object to the timeline - i can’t see the sound “waveform” on the timeline, and it’s kinda not working how expected. For example - keyframing “auto activate” is not working too (if i disable “auto activate” - i can’t activate it in my cutscene, even if i placed an “on” keyframe).

Can somebody help? I’m using a 4.23 version.

what if you used an event track?