Unreal says Compile Completed but it still uses the old code

This situation is not always true but when I do make some changes in my code and compile it, Unreal says compile complete but when I test the game it turns out that it is actually using the old code. This issue can be fixed with pressing compile again and checking it out again. After some multiple attempts of compiling it will apply the changes. This can be a real time consumer if I make big changes on my header files as it increases the compile time significantly.

I am using Visual Studio 2019 if this is even relevant.
Unreal version 4.24.3

Does anyone know a fix for this? This is making my compilation time waaaay longer and painful.

C++ is not fully reflected language like C#.
Changing function signatures in Blueprints while using hot reload with Editor open will cause the problems you have.

My “Magic Nodes” plug-in does not break hot reloading when changing function signatures, it’s good for testing nodes convertion to c++ algorithms before implementing the final function header on the C++ base of a blueprint :wink:

happens to me all the time I just hit the compile button 2x and it works on the 2nd time.

hot reload seems to lie, ive seen it complete hot reload, then 4 seconds later I see things update in the content folder after (like the editor icons of objects that I modified)

You would think the editor and hot reload would be in sync but it appears there’s a delay or asynchronous updating happening.