Unreal Remote 2 App wont boot - IOS 12.1

Cant get Unreal Remote 2 App to boot at all. Ipad Pro (11inch) IOS 12.1. All that comes up is a black screen and the app minimises after about 15 seconds. No ability to input IP address or anything.

Deleted and reinstalled app multiple times, same result.


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.



Hey there,

The device may not be a supported device.
Unreal contains a list of supported device in an enum named: EIOSDevice.
Which can be found in: IOSPlatformMisc.h
If the device can not be determined by
FIOSPlatformMisc::EIOSDevice FIOSPlatformMisc::GetIOSDeviceType()

as to which device we(being the application loading not we as in Epic) are dealing with, it will fail an asset. That is most likely the issue.

I would recommend dropping your crash log here(xcode> window> devices and simulators > Get Device logs> Select the log with the time stamp closest to when you ran the application). Also, if you post your crash log, make sure to symbolicate it as the debug symbols created at compile time will give more information. Then additionally, taking a look to see if the device is supported in IOSPlatformMisc.h.


Thanks for that. I’ve had some feedback from Epic Games via the bug reporting. Looks like it might be related to an unsupported full screen resolution in the newer ipad pros, apparantly they have some on order to test with.

I’m also not super familiar with IOS developement in general (i’m more fo a tech artist blueprint kinda guy and mainly windows only) I’m literally just tring to run some of the arkit examples via unreal remote 2 so I can look at adding AR features to a film previz / virtual cinematography tool I’ve built.

I did look into xcode - seems to be mac only, some other windows apps I could find seemed pretty shady / possible malware etc. Is there a windows equivalent you might recommend?




No worries. I understand; and can confirm the resolution is not supported out of the box right now.
I did get it work on my end, but requires some modifications to the engine to just get it to work.
Let me know if you need some help and I can point you in the right direction.


Hey —,

Running into the same problem on a new 11” iPad Pro. I’d really like to get this going and would love your help.

Is it safe to assume that the fixes will be fairly straightforward for a person with prior experience compiling/deploying on iOS?

Tim Riot

yes me too, same problem with my iPad Pro 11-inch. Would be great to see a fix real soon, so I can get on with this previs job!

Same problem here on an iPad Pro 11. Please update.

Hello, this is currently being tracked as: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-67250)

Any news about this problem? Same problem here on an iPad Pro 11. Please update.

We’re currently trying to get an update past Apple review - in the meantime an updated version can be accessed here:

EDIT: Updated App is now live on the App store (It will say Built: Jan 11 2019 in the bottom right corner of the main screen)

Perfect News

Thank you for also publishing the TestFlight Info

fantastic, that is great news

Trying your current Beta 1.02 (0.24) - works like a charm on an iPad Pro 11 (with AR Kit).

Did you also test / fix it with the Vive Tracker - There were some bugs reorted as well. I can/will test it in our studio tomorrow.

Really Thanks. It works.
BTW, currently unreal remote2 app has same resolution with PC, if PC’s resolution large than 1280x720, unreal remote2 will running very slowly, even I set remote quality to 5.
Could you add a feature: Customize resolution on iPad, or keep unreal remote2’s resolution on 1280x720.