Unreal Remote 2 and Live Link VCam issues connecting and showing visual on device

Hello all. I recently started experimenting with virtual production in Unreal. I’ve wanted to use my phone and iPad for virtual production for a while, but now that I have started I have run into a couple issues with live link.

First, I tried Unreal Remote 2. This “works” in that it connects to Unreal and allows me to control the virtual camera by moving my phone. But the phone interface itself remains stuck on “Connecting…” and never shows me a UI for the camera, or even a preview from the camera. Just that “Connecting…” screen. The virtual camera moves when I move the phone, but I have no other control via the phone. (This is the same on my iPad.)

Then I tried Live Link VCam. This one appears in the virtual production window as a source that I can select. However, when I hit “Connect” on the app, I get a “Connection refused” error. With this app, I can’t even get as far as controlling the camera with motion, like I can with Unreal Remote 2. It just won’t connect.

I’ve searched online for similar issues, and so far haven’t found any info that has helped me get past these hurdles. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I hope someone has some info to help me out. I really am excited to try virtual production. But this speed bump has been very frustrating.

I am using:
iPhone 7
iPad pro 10.5"
Windows 10 (If you need the hardware info, let me know, but not sure how that would be relevant here)

Thank you, in advance! :grin:

I’m having the same exact issues. I found that with the Live Link Vcam app, I can get it to connect by remaining on the magenta home screen (don’t hit connect yet!), then adding it as a source in Unreal, making sure it’s activated and output enabled, and then finally hitting “connect” on my iPad. It streams the display but even then no controls appear, only the viewport. So I guess it’s good for handheld but it’s a bummer because I can’t actually move the camera… If anyone has a solution please lmk!

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Lol… I didn’t have ARKit or LiveLinkCamera plugins enabled. See if this works for you: