Unreal randomly freezes for minutes then comes back

I’m still new to Unreal Engine as i’ve been using Unity for my entire life and everything about Unreal seems and feels a lot better than anything in Unity so far but one gigantic problem i’m facing is that it just freezes sometimes and after a few minutes of waiting it’s back to normal.
It’s really strange because most of the time it runs pretty smoothly but sometimes it just freezes and completely dies.
Changing the effects quality in the scalability settings always seems to kill it.
I’m guessing that it’s because of my laptop but the random freezing is still really annoying and strange.
My laptop is the HP Notebook 15-ay003nq (Intel Celeron N3060, Integrated GPU, 4 GB RAM)
I’ve unlocked my laptop’s CPU, and done all sorts of things and it can go up to 2.45 GHz at max. (I know it’s still under the minimum specs but it runs pretty smoothly when it doesn’t freeze)
I was wondering if there is anything i could do to stop the freezing or at least make the freezing happen less.
Thanks for reading and any help would be kindly appreciated.

Check your CPU/GPU temperature. Unreal editor is very demanding and most laptops will easily overheat from the Unreal editor.

Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to run UE4

My laptop doesn’t overheat when the editor freezes and every other program still runs smoothly when it freezes. I’ve also looked trough other posts and the same random freezing seems to be happening to other people too (even to people with good computers)
It seems like some form of problem inside the Unreal Editor.
The CPU usage does go a bit up when it freezes but it doesn’t go all the way up since every other program is still completely usable.

I would recommend closing any non-critical processes, including background processes, to reduce the load on your laptop. Even if it doesn’t overheat, it might be that you are running out of RAM to allocate to the Unreal Editor. The less things that uses up the RAM, the less likely you’re application will freeze.
I highly doubt it’s a problem with the Editor itself, just the requirements for it are fairly high and 4 GB RAM is a very small amount of RAM.
I was experiencing some minor freezes with 16 GB RAM on my work PC before I had it upgraded to 64 GB RAM.

It’s not a problem “inside the Unreal Editor”. Almost no one has this problem, that’s a clear indicator that it’s caused by your PC. If i had to guess those freezes aren’t random either but memory swapping to your ultra slow 5400RPM HDD caused by only having 4GB RAM which is far below the minimum requirements.