Unreal Quit app does not clean up UE4EditorServices [OSX]

OSX → Reboot → Open Epic Games Launcher → Close Epic Games Launcher → UE4EditorServices stays live (can (only) be killed via force)

Hi Fritsl,

This appears to be the same issue you are reporting here:

After crash ghost UE App

I am going to close this as a repeat unless there is something significantly different that you are reporting here.


@: I’m sorry, but this is not the same thing. Please, the above is a rather easy to reproduce, simple bug yet the system should not function this way.

The other one you link to is something that makes the computer unable to reboot without holding down the power button for 4 seconds, and it’s not as simple as the above.

If it’s related, well, it’s all on a computer and with Unreal etc… but there’s no apparent relation, so please if you take bugreports serious, consider re-opening this one, it’s not a double post as far as I’m concerned.

Using the same hardware listed on your other post, I was not able to reproduce this following the steps you have provided above. There may be a specific issue causing your project to freeze. Can you reproduce this in a blank Third Person Project?

Hi , it appears to me that you are not reading what I write, please read again:

I am not opening any projects, only the Launcher, and it is not a duplicate of another post.


Yes, I got Launcher and Editor confused… Still, I am not able to reproduce this behavior with the Launcher and this has not been widely reported. Also, no one else has reported this in our bug reports.

Does this happen after you have had a crash in the Editor or all the time, even after restarting your Mac and opening/closing the Launcher “fresh?” Can you provide consistent repro steps necessary for us to enter this as a bug?

Hi , can I please ask you to read my original post carefully, there is all the info you are asking, allow me to repeat, this is how to reproduce, this is all info, this is original post, I hope it is clear if you read carefully:

OSX → Reboot → Open Epic Games Launcher → Close Epic Games Launcher → UE4EditorServices stays live (can (only) be killed via force)


Hi, I just downloaded the Epic Games Launcher to another MacBook Pro, and it’s perfectly happening again as described. It is perfectly easy to reproduce.

→ UE4EditorServices stays live (can (only) be killed via force)

I think it’s not normal for people to reboot the computer, open → Epic Games Launcher → close it again and then look in the long list at the activity monitor to realize some process is hanging there along all the other things… why would people do that, and so you do not get a bug report from any one else.

It’s not taking up any processing power, yet I do not think it should be hanging there, and I suspect (from gut feeling, but I’m usually right at these matters) that it is linked to a couple of other OSX issues.

I hope you can take it from here, thanks.

Hey Fritsl,

Sorry for the confusion on my behalf earlier. I was able to locate the UE4EditorServices remaining open in the Activity Monitor after the Launcher is closed and have entered the following bug report: UE-32646. When this issue has been resolved, we will update this post to let you know.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Super, thanks!

I added some code that will kill UE4EditorServices when the Launcher exits, if it was the Launcher that spawned it. I don’t know when will the Launcher update with this change be released.

That said, this was not really a bug and we don’t have full control over when the OS itself decides to launch UE4EditorServices. This app is responsible for providing right-click menu options for .uproject files and does anything only if you use these options. Otherwise it just sits there waiting and not doing anything like all the other system services.

Hi ZeroEightSix, thanks for the heads up. By chance I just returned to Unreal from a job on Unity, just yesterday before I saw this post of yours. And I was rather saddened to see how Unreal literally crashed on every attempt of baking, and kept an uncloseable non-soft-rebootable task going, each crash adding another to the stack. With icon on Alt+tab and everything, just no way of quitting the crashed Unreal on OSX. Only way of getting out was to hold down power button for 4 seconds… (or start working on the PC again, which was my only option)

(This was a fresh install of all latest Unreal everything)

Would you mind creating a separate thread on AnswerHub for this to make it easier for user support folks? Thanks.

We’ve seen this issue in the past and it looked like a bug in OS X that seems to be fixed in 10.12 , but we never had a solid repro, so we could never properly investigate this. We think that Cocoa’s NSApp object was not releasing something on exit in some circumstances and the process hangs in this weird state where it’s still shown in the Dock, but not in Activity Monitor, etc. Without a good repro it’s very hard to figure out what we’re doing in the engine to put NSApp in this state.