Unreal Projects/Pixel Streaming leveraging multiple GPUs?

New to Unreal engine and exploring pixel streaming. I’m streaming from an Azure NV series VM with 4 GPUs. Trying to determine how many players can be supported on a single VM. I’m using Unreal Engine 4.25 & running my pixel streams as a packaged project.

The issue I am hitting is it seems my 1st GPU is the only one that gets used, and I am able to max it out. The load isn’t handled between GPUs.

Doing some research it seems that using multiple GPUs and Unreal is only possible on motherboards that have SLI enabled. List of SLI ready motherboardsfrom NVidia.

It also seems that of the list of SLI compatible cards… none of them are the series supported in Azure which uses Tesla series data center cards.

Just wondering if anyone else has looked into this. My end goal is to see ideally number of players per instance of the game running. I don’t have to use azure… it looks like NVIDIA has a cloud offering withRTX cards which I may be able to use. Has anyone taken a similar path?

There should be a way to run multiple instances of the game on one machine with multiple GPU’s but you can’t utilize multiple GPU’s for a single instance. SLI is a dead end, it’s not really for pixel streaming in the first place but Nvidia is pretty much stopping support for it.

Hey darthviper107- thanks for the input. Do you have any guidance for how I can configure the package to run against a specific GPU? Is there a flag I can set?