unReal Projectiles - Development Log

Hi all,

I’m a complete beginner to Unreal Engine and game development in general but have been playing games for the best part of two decades. I recently decided to start learning how games are made and the past few months with Unreal have been fascinating. I’ve benefited tremendously from a lot of free learning resources so I want to be able to give something back to the community. With that in mind, my first serious project that I have started working on is called unReal Projectiles and my goal is to create a completely free, ballistics and explosives system using Blueprint.

My goals are lofty, I have a lot to learn and even more to do, but I’m committed to producing something valuable in the fullness of time.

I intend to keep this thread updated as regularly as possible with my progress and will hopefully let me chart my progress from noob to something less sucky. :slight_smile:

Update 1 - Basic debug line

This was the first notable thing I achieved (a few weeks ago). Each projectile has a visible trail which can be turned on for debugging purposes.

Update 2 - Coloured Debug Trail

After implementing a basic debug trail for following each projectile, the next step was to add colour grading, whereby the line would change colour proportional to muzzle velocity. There were 6 colours and each represented 1/6th of muzzle velocity.

Update 3/4 - Penetration System and WIP Ricochets

Here was the first attempt at a penetration system whereby the thickness of the impacted object affects the velocity reduction.

After a week or so work, I improved the system by adding a random factor to the bullet spread (pitch and yaw).

Although the projectiles do occasionally ricochet depending on speed and angle of incidence, there is still work to do in that department and it’s probably where I will be spending time next.

You might also notice that I’ve reworked the debug line colouring scheme. Rather than the colour be based on a proportion of muzzle velocity, there is now fixed speed thresholds which determine colour. I think this is a more sensible scheme for comparing velocities. The colours are also on a gradient rather than fixed.

Update 5

It’s been a while since I last posted here but work has been continuing at a steady pace. I’ve implemented a lot of new features to the projectiles system since my last post including:

  • Realistic aerodynamic drag system
  • Improved penetration calculations (Newtonian)
  • Accurate projectile attributes for a range of calibers which determines drag and ricochet functions
  • Accurate projectile meshes

I’ve also started working on a large scale outdoor environment. AaronWith2As has a fantastic (and free!) Grass/Wind BP available for download which also includes a landscape perfect for my needs. I’ve taken a chunk out of this map and I’m using it as my starting point to build the firing range.

I’ve learned a whole lot over the last few months and looking forward to getting stuck in with everything else still to be tackled.

Heres a quick preview of how things are looking at the moment:

Did you open a new Youtube account? Because all of your videos are down (since you closed your account). It looks interesting what you do, but I can’t really say anything about it until I see a video sadly.

Cheers (: