Unreal Project with Windows Metadata References


I have a library that I wish to include in my Unreal project. The library involves a Windows Metadata (.winmd) file and a regular .dll. Under any other regular Visual Studio setup, I am able to link the library by simply doing ‘Add Reference’ under ‘References’ for my project and linking the .winmd file. For an Unreal project, I am no longer able to flexibly include references using ‘Add Reference’, as there is no ‘Browse’ option for me to select the .winmd file from.

I have also tried including my .dll using a custom plugin by using the PublicAdditionalLibraries and PublicDelayLoadDLLs variables as appropriate in my plugin .cs build configuration, but unfortunately I am only supplied with a .dll and a .winmd file for my library (no headers or .lib files), so including just the .dll file will not automatically include the namespaces and function declarations that I need.

I am wondering if there is a way to link .winmd libraries in Unreal with minimum hassle. Is there a way to include Windows Metadata using UnrealBuildTool with the corresponding configuration files?

Thanks in advance