Unreal Project Sync with SVN: Linker Error [LNK2001,LNK2019,LNK1120]

Hello I’m working on a Unreal Project which is synced with SVN Tortoise. I checked in following folders Binaries,Config, Content,Source,project.sln, project.uproject]. After checking out on his machine, my colleague couldn’t run the project. Here are the issues:

  • Blueprints unable to attach(detect) functions written in C++ file I created.
-Visual Studio gives a following Linker Error. 
Here is the Output Screenshot

I think my project c++ files are not getting included due to some reason. And this data is all saved in a branch.

How to fix this issue ?

Help is very much appreciated. ! :slight_smile:

Hey I recently found a temporary solution. I copied my project folder Binaries to my friends machine where he checked out this project and it was working.

Though this solution includes copy pasting your binaries to other system. Please unreal community. Can you figure out what went wrong ?
I committed all the binary files into the repository, and still after checking out from repository it wasn’t working. When I explicitly copy paste it into other system in the project folder, the project started working without the errors.

Why is it so ?

The project files are locaties in the intermediate folder. After fresh checkout right click the uproject file and choose “generate project files”