Unreal Project Browser will not open when UE4 opened

Recently I went to the Epic Games site Unreal Engine opened the Epic releases $4 million Infinity Blades assets and clicked on link for assets at that site selected assets which went into basket I then selected download button in upper right and download process started, ran into difficulties but also realized my error (trying to download UE4) wrong action and stopped download process. I then checked my Launcher & UE4 files all looked good. Next reopened Launcher worked good and selections were in vault. Opened UE4 here’s where problem is, the Unreal Project Browser no longer opens it now goes straight into UE4 editor last project I had open.
What do I need to do to have Browser open 1st, would reloading Epic Game Launcher fix this, without deleting items in my Vault?

open any project → open file → click open project → uncheck always load last project on startup