Unreal Programmers Needed for Kairosoft style tycoon game.

Project Title**:**

Mech Mercenary Tycoon

Main Description**:**

**Story: You have finally scraped enough together to buy your first Mech and start your **Mercenary band. Manage staff, pilots and build Mechs to earn more cash and data to build the best band of giant robot fighting scalawags!

**Game Play: **a single-player Kirosoft-like tycoon game, in which you manage a crew of mech mercenaries. You don’t pilot the mechs yourself, but rather manufacture them and hire pilots, going on missions to earn funds and research for better parts. The idea is to create your own custom mech to battle progressively stronger mechs. The battles are very simple, a comparative tick system.We cannot post here anything more about the game, but we can showcase the project to interested candidates and supply them with additional information.

Team Name**:**

**Sharp and Pointy Games **is Canadian Based.

Talent Required**:**

  • English Communication Required
  • Ability to work from home (or wherever they please.)
  • Ability to work in unreal for mobile and PC versions of the game
  • Passion for games and creating them
  • Having time to work on the project - at least 5 hours per week
  • Long-term interest and availability (6+ months)
  • You must be at least 18 years old

How to Apply**:**

Send Emails To
Depending on time spent and level of involvement ; payments for time when the game becomes profitable or % equity share.

Needed roles:

**Were only looking for one or two programmers for now the rest of the team is already working on assets **