Unreal Pixel Streaming on Azure

When using Azure’s Unreal Pixel Streaming using a UE5 package and deployed on NV6adsv5 GPU VMs, the VM instances are launched without the required NVIDIA drivers and hence the stream fails to start on launch. I had to connect to the instances and manually install NVIDIA’s GRID drivers for it work.

This is unexpected as it explicitly says on the marketplace that the features include " * Automatic installation of prerequisites for the VMs (i.e., VC++, DirectX, Node.js, GPU drivers, etc.)".

So is this a common issue or is it limited to the NV6adsv5 VMs?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. With the release of the A10 GPUs, the original drivers we launched with were not updated. This has now been fixed. Please try again.

Works perfectly now, thank you.