Unreal Pixel Streaming Infrastructure Design Question

Hi, We want to build an Unreal Pixel Streaming web server.

We design the infrastructure so that at least 20 clients can connect and use it at the same time.

We want to build in a legacy environment, not in the cloud.

When we tested it with our own ‘NVIDIA RTX A4000 D6 16GB’, we were able to stream up to 4 instances.

What graphics card (GPU) should we use to run more than 20 instances?

  • We plan to stream as one app. (1 to many)

Are all 20 clients supposed to see the same video output? If that is the case, consider using the SFU, that way you only need one stream from the game to the SFU, and then the SFU multiplexes out to all client.

Thanks for your comments.
We’re not trying to stream games.
We want multiple people to access through one streaming.

But you don’t want everyone to look at the same screen.
And we use UE4.27 version. Can SFU be applied in version 4.27?