Unreal Penthouse (Banded Company)

Hi Guys,This is my first unreal project.Created a demo scene for own company to focus on Interactive Architectural visualizations.

plz check out the video,
There are some glitches due to my poor graphics card (GT 740).


This is such a great job!! I admire your creative work dear. You really made this penthouse even more beautiful. Now it resembles as the best penthouse nyc that I visited last year with my friends.

Very nice! :slight_smile:
I amazed how nice it looks for being on a 740.

Hi Bennie, If you think the penhouse is good, let’s step it up a notch and try this one from SEEDTECH UK…

I would totaly live there. Can i move in right tomorrow?

Looks great, really good work.
Maybe I would turn the light off, the room has a big window and is flooded with sun light already.