UNREAL PARIS - Virtual Tour - Unreal Engine 4

Hi guys, this is my first post here.
I would like to show you my first work on Unreal Engine 4.

There is a simple build playable here if you want to walk around in the appartment by yourself. :slight_smile:
This is real-time architectural visualization. And optimization was not the center of my work with this scene!

Edit: Most of my work on these assets was about optimizing their initial geometry and create efficient shaders through UE 4. On that work I mainly followed Koola’s workflow.

You can download the Build here on my Portfolio:





Design Connected:

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Feel free to comment!

I downloaded demo version 1.1 , but I have got black screen. :frowning:

This + VR would be amazing.

The video would had look better if it could have been made in 1080 but the still look really realistic, even fabulous !!!

This is really awesome :smiley:

Salut. I see you followed my advice and made a thread here. Good. Expect the Epic devs to show your work in this Thursday’s live twitch stream !

Hi there! amazing job!
I’m trying to download the build but the link is broken.

In his youtube comment, he said the build has bugs so he removed it and tomorrow he will upload a fixed version.

Oh my… This is magnificent, Well done!

Looks really amazing!! :smiley:

Amazing work, so inspiring work, the build runs great on my GTX 970.

Did you use old Unreal Paris version 1.1 ? New version isn’t available yet…

I have got GTX 570 graphics card, 8 GB RAM and AMD Quad Core Phenom CPU and Windows 7 64-bit with SP1. Unreal Engine 4.6 runs without problems, every UE4 demo runs great, every video game and application runs great, but only in this Paris demo version 1.1 I’ve got black screen… Any ideas ???

Hi, the video looks great… tried to download the build, but the download link doesn’t work.

Petite question: Vous êtes où? Paris? Nous sommes une sociète belge et j’aimerais bien vous mettre en contact avec mon infographiste. Les materiaux utilisés dans le modèle sont très bien. Serait-il possible de connaitre le setup?

You are making big sensation on the net (well I posted your work and many saw your work and created articles and threads in many sites):


Just perfect, well done!

Download link doesn’t work, can anyone upload somewhere or create a torrent?

:o yayyy!!!

A bit too much CA on the screens for my taste and the vase in the second pic could use a few more polys towards the bottom, but overall fantastic work! Can’t wait to see your next UE4 project, keep it up.

sadly the download is broken -- , want to check it with oculus rift dk2 sooooo badly --

I love it. Very well done.

I’m more than impressed with the material execution. The sofa in particular is absurdly realistic. Can anyone tell if he’s using something special in that material, or is it just a good roughness map and good geometry that make it look so soft and real? For example, I’ve tried the Fuzzy Shading node to no avail.