unreal paper 2d + nav mesh

Is this possible? Does it work as per usual ?

I have tried but my AI pawn doesn’t wish to move, I’m currently inside the template 2d platformer (with the Ledge actor everywhere)
I have my nav mesh (but I cant see if things are ‘green’ cos it’s all flat 2d)

ai pawn has ai controller that runs behaviour tree that fires a couple of blackboard dataz - they all seem to be working correctly
either the MoveTo isnt working or the Nav Mesh isnt - i assume

If you press P to toggle the navmesh and you still don’t see any “green” generated navigation then something is wrong, I’m having the same problem right now.
What I’ve noticed is that if you make your own “platforms” the navmesh doesn’t generate for some reason, I heard that the solution to this was to increase the collision thickness in the sprite editor to 100 or higher.
The thing that is confusing me is that the platforms that Unreal gives you in the ledges in one of the 2D Side Scroller templates generate a navmesh…
Very late reply, but maybe this helps.