Unreal or Unreal Studio! Which one to use?

Hi, I am wanting to create 3D environments using Unreal Engine and I do not know which to use Unreal or Unreal Studio. I will only be using these environments for personal work and not creating a game etc but I want the ability to create beautiful environments in Unreal and I don’t know if Unreal Studio is limited compared to Unreal?Are Unreal and Unreal Studio any different from each other and how?

Unreal Studio isn’t a different version of Unreal Engine 4, it’s simply a set of tools that make it easier to convert archviz scenes from a number of 3D software programs to UE4.

So if you have a scene that’s fully setup in 3ds Max with Vray materials and lighting then you can use Unreal Studio to convert it into UE4.

Ok, thanks darthviper107. Thats what I thought but just wanted to confirm.