Unreal Online?

Hello I am new to the Unreal Community but I was wondering if you could make Online games like World of Warcraft? or you can only makes games like Drakes Fortune because I would like to make a MMORPG game with the feature of World Of Warcraft if the Unreal Engine can even do that I just don’t know so a respond on this would be helpful :3 thanks

The engine is just a tool, it’s up to you if you’re capable of making a game

This should help.

You could indeed make a game like World of WarCraft, however it is not “out of the box”.
You will need to work hard and carefully plan to do something like that.

From looking at your post history it sounds like you may not have much experience with Unreal.
Why not get started today, you will quickly find out for yourself what is possible and begin to see the steps you will need to take to become more proficient with the editor.

My gut reaction is to try to tell you about realities of scale, but I think the fastest and most permanent way to realize this is just to dive into the editor and find out for yourself.

Unfortunately if you need to ask, then you cant make it. There is so unbeliavable much logic behind it that you can spend several years just to get the basics straight, leave alone the models, items, networking, maps.

Id attempt to do some basic blueprints and c++ pertaining to a MMO fashion and then when confident buy some pre-made assets, have a look at how they are built…
stand back and then plan your project… by then you should know enough to produce something…
get a team and you may actually get something produced…
Have hope and learn as you go

Also dont post vague questions as most here will frown upon you…

Good Luck

Or you could take a significant shortcut to skip some of the drudge work … … use the kit to build yourself a prototype and see whether you can make the changes to that kit to meet your requirements.

If you are still motivated and you can pull it off, then I say go for it.

This kit does a lot of the basics for you already and you can focus on your world, populating it, and seeing if you actually have a viable MMO to begin with.

The biggest hurdle when developing a MMO is to handle the huge amount of data you need to send around the clients. So you need to spend a lot of effort in creating your networking logic.

Oh well, mine took half a year :slight_smile:
It’s funny how one starts to dream about this logic after a while when you think about it all day long hehe.
The server part is the only complicated thing. How you save data, how you access it as quick as possible, when you send what data to which client at which given time under which circumstances … and so on.