Unreal Online Learning currently offline for maintenance - 6/27/2020

Hi Epic Community,

The Unreal Online Learning portal is currently down for some maintenance. Sorry for the short notice. We’ll bring it back online as soon as we can!


Chris Murray

I hate to be that guy, but ETA ?

For how long? I have an assignment to finish and can’t because I’m missing the “Introducing Unreal Engine” for completion.

For how long?

Booooyyyyy does this chafe… I feel like my A+ is about to turn into a C- at best in class. Big sad. 18 hours till deadline and I can’t finish my homework =

I wanna learn! =/

AND THAT’S WHY EVERYBODY PREFFERS UNITY!!! (ahhahahah! jus’ kiddin!) =P

Hi all,

Our maintenance will hopefully be concluded by 3pm EST today. I’ll post again if I have new information.

Thanks for everyone’s patience.