Unreal Online Learning and GameDev.tv courses

Hi, I am interested in the C++ courses by GameDev.tv that used to be available as part of the Unreal Online Learning Platform. Here
If I click on the link now while being logged in it says that i do not have access. I was wondering if they were only available for a limited time or if the courses can be found somewhere else.
Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks


I enrolled into that course when it was available, but on the learning platform it only gives you a link to the gamedev.tv page to enroll in that course. So it is more like a trailer for the gamedev.tv platform, you would still have to pay for the course.

It looks like Epic has removed the gamedev.tv content from the learning platform, which makes me wonder if they are incompatible from the current engine versions? I was considering to buy the 6 course pack, but it would be a pity if they would not work with current engine versions at all.

Hey just chiming in to say that, at least when i did the gamedev.tv courses, they were free and made so by epic.

Not ALL of the gamedev.tv courses, only those they have linked from the unreal learn area.

I don’t know if that was permanent or not.

I can also say that the courses from gamedev.tv are top quality. Some of the best stuff for beginners. I did them with 4.26, which was a slightly newer version than the tutorials used I believe. No problems with that. If you used UE5 I’d expect maybe some minor issues here and there because it’s early access engine. If you are a beginner it would be good idea not to use UE5 becuase you wont be able to troubleshoot user error versus engine bug and that will stymie your progress.