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Good Morning.

Pie in the Sky question.

I am a 3D max user and corona and Vray for years but now Corona only for 3D Architectural Visualisation.
Is there a way of using Unreal as a modeller and renderer?

Arch Viz work is high polygon work, and lots of Externals , Trees, Cars, People, Water Planting etc.
Is this possible with unreal as a sole modeler and renderer.
The going from one software to another has always seemed redundant to me.

Am I alone in my thinking?

Thank you for reading.


You don’t model or rig in Unreal Engine. You do that in other applications and then export them to Unreal in a compatible format.

You can render in Unreal though.

Ya thanks I know that, been in the business a long time, but I am asking the question, will it develop to something more than a renderer?

On our UE4 Roadmap:

It takes only a little bit of extra work to export from 3ds Max to UE4 so there’s not really much of a need for advanced modeling tools in UE4

True that may be.
Max is expensive, I’ve been paying for it for years.
all the plugins are bought extra, all the rendering engines are bought as an extra.
Do you see where I am going with this.
So I bring my model into unreal, and then have to go about texturing and re lighting it .

​​​​​​Dise it not make sense to do it all in one package.
but I do know what you mean,bi am just asking the obvious question.


You don’t have to use 3ds Max, if you want something that’s free there’s Blender

Have you used it for arch Viz, with out plugins like forest and railclone?
it’s industry standard, but thanks for the advise.

It’s not like UE4 having tools would fix that issue, if 3ds Max is standard for the industry you’re working in, then that’s how it is

Do you ever see it as a more developed software, if that is possible, it’s amazing as it is don’t get me wrong.

Unreal Studio will simplify the pipeline from 3DS Max to Unreal and it is just begining. Wait a bit more for it to mature or start using it right away while it is free to see if it will fit your needs.