Unreal not loading Wwise SoundBanks


Today I tried to use Unreal Engine 4.11.2 with Wwise 2015.1.6, and I noticed an annoying bug.

I have a “TestWwise” project with just 1 Wwise soundbank and 1 AkEvent for footsteps.

When I play the game, I get an error message instead of hearing footsteps.


But I just have to double-click the soundbank to fix this problem.

The bug appears every time I open the project, so this is pretty annoying and I guess it gets worse with multiple soundbanks. I’ll post updates if I notice interesting details.

Hi Floflow,

This is an issue that’ll be handled by the guys over at AudioKinetic. They made the plugin and will need to resolve this issue. There seem to be a few related threads in their Q&A that you can start with, then enter your own Question.


Hi , thanks for your answer.

I think I just forgot to ask the game to load the soundbanks (by adding a “load soundbank” object in the blueprints). So after some tests I don’t think that’s a bug anymore. :slight_smile:

Sorry to waste your time, I’m a complete beginner in Unreal and Wwise!


Hey Floflow,

Not a waste of time at all. We’d rather you report what you suspect to be a bug than to hesitate or do nothing. If it turns out it isn’t a bug, then we’ve all learned something in the process.


Thanks, I still think there might be a little issue with soundbanks not automatically being seen in the Unreal project. But nothing as annoying as I thought!