Unreal Noobie here, some questions

Main thing is I have created a main menu game mode, widget, and blueprint. When I go in to launch the menu the edges around the menu itself show the sample level as well as the mouse still being linked to that instead of showing up on the menu itself. Can anyone help me out with this?

Set your default level in the project settings:

also, when you want the player to use the menu, switch to UI mode:

thank you. I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes! So hard making a game when none of your buddies are doing their parts lol

@ClockworkOcean another question now that I’m running into it. When selecting my default map, do I need to create a map for just the main menu itself? As I’m realizing I really only have the third person example map.

The menu can be in a map on it’s own, or it can be loaded by code in one of your other maps.

Okay so it spawns in the ThirdPersonExampleMap, or at least that’s the map I chose for it. So would I want to add those nodes in the blueprint for the MainMenuMode I created or just using the blueprint for the menu itself?

Well, it’s really up to you how you do it, because it depends on stuff like whether you use level streaming or not etc.

But of course in the end, you can’t you have menu code in the level BP of the ThirdPersonExampleMap :slight_smile:

I’m using streaming, so all my menu code is in the persistent level in an actor ( I guess I could have put it in the level BP ).

If you’re using ‘open level’, then your menu stuff has to be in each map.

EDIT: Or… you could put it somewhere that hangs around even though you have used ‘open level’. I know the game instance does for example.