Unreal Neverwinter Nights - Nocturne project

As a fan of NWN modding, I’ve often thought about building a similar toolset as the Aurora engine, where users could make their own mods and customizable content and upload them to share with other users. Now I know that this sounds like what Unreal Engine already is, but the strength of NWN is that you could build a mod without a huge learning curve and a degree in programming. Because of this, a huge fan base with hundreds of mods was built up. As with most everything else, 90% of the fan based material wasn’t all that great, but many of them are, in fact exceeding the orignal NWN storyline.

I’m thinking about expanding on that. I just now started learning the Unreal engine, but if there are NWN fans out there, I’d welcome any assistance. For now I’d consider the project to be open sourced.

Thoughts, Interested?

As a long time Neverwinter Nights fan I am taking a different approach … my favorite mods ever where the Persistent Worlds that were developed … I even ran my own relatively popular server for a while. So my approach is to create a persistent world in UE4 that has all the elements already built in to it without the need of having someone right a mod for it.

Good luck with your project … I wish you the best with it. 8-}

Well there is something i always wanted to tackle but it is a massive task. Introducing OGL mechanics into Unreal. That would give a lot of people a chance to have a frameworkd to base any RPG on . Now that the released the 5e SRD as well , it seems even more tempting , but I always put it off because it’s such a massive amount of work to get all those mechanics in there.

I’ve had some time learning the engine format, modelling and all of that, and the NWN 2 models look pretty good when imported into the Unreal format. The NWN 1 models can be imported too, but as they are fairly outdated, most of them look blocky, especially when placed next to more modern graphics.

Hard part will be the animations.

I doubt this will be something that I could complete all by myself, but if enough people get interested, I think we could build a very robust UE add on for personal modding. The NWN community has come up with some truly amazing mods that surpass the orignal game, and the only thing holding them back is that they couldn’t get at a lot of the internal graphics without making hak files and the like.