Unreal Music Player - designed for Streamers and Music Channels!

Hey everyone,

It’s my first release ever besides my only one Marketplace project

As I enjoy music and I often check some YouTube radios - some of them do not provide visible title, there’s only one background all the time and music never changes because they want to stay online 24/7

With my App you simply place music and images in respective folders and the content will be automatically updated without restart or even bringing up any Menu!

Check out the Video if you’re curious!

DL: Unreal Music Player - Google Drive

There’s more about the App! Scroll down to see the changelog or visit my Discord to stay tuned!

Example set-ups:
(Please note that the backgrounds aren’t static - they change constantly based on your setup)

The App contains a few songs from YouTube Audio Library and backgrounds from https://wallpaperscraft.com

You should replace them with your own content

Good Evening @UnrealSolver,

Hope you’re doing well.

Congrats on your first release and I must say what a great idea. I constantly keep Lofi Girl playing in the background but your software might just change the game.

Do you have plans to integrate other media pieces like occasional gifs or emojis? Either way, this is a brilliant idea and I wanted to personally send a thank you message for sharing it with us here on the Unreal Engine Forums. Can’t wait to start seeing channels use this! :white_heart:

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Hi @PresumptivePanda,

I’m doing and feeling great and It’s really nice from you that you saw and got interested in my little App and a thousand thanks for the gratz and wishes :smiley:

Hope you’re doing great as well :slight_smile:

I recently switched to some nightcore personally but Lofi was one of the first Channels I encountered when it comes to YouTube Radio Streams and overall amazing Music related Channels!

Can you expand the idea of ‘occasional gifs and emojis’?

It would be lovely if you place this suggestion on my Discord Channel related to the App but it’s not neccessary! Just reply this message as I am really curious about the idea :slight_smile:

Regarding the App itself:

Of course it will get massively improved to be able to customize even more stuff :slight_smile:

-Unrestricted Top Bar Messages
-Customizable Bars Images (own images)
-More Fonts
-Unrestricted characters count at the Bottom Bar (for now it’s 300 and actually it’s mostly because of how it’s working and giving more makes the text overlap so it may be that the free version will have no restriction as well)
-Moveable and resizeable parts
-The ‘Stickers’ that you mentioned - I already thought about it and I think that’s a fantastic idea to implement that
-Frequency Spectrum visualisation

Thanks again and wish you a wonderful time! :heart:

Edit: The App will be totally free, there will be no ‘Advanced’ version
I will make this tool as amazing as possible ;]

By “Gifs and Emojis” I was mainly referring to like a twitch emoji integration type thing where cute emojis or gifs float across the screen when viewers used commands or something of that nature. But since its youtube, it could just be a random behavior that happens where a little cat emoji goes floating by.

Of course thats more of an addition to what you have but was just curious :slight_smile:

Also thanks for taking time to respond!

I see what you mean

Great idea, and actually this year I will be on my way to learn about API so actually that’s something I may be able to implement in future!

So simply by the Stream Chat via sending some command I should be able to trigger some code in UE4 (probably) :smiley:

When I learn about API I also want to make a ‘Messenger Tavern’ but for now it’s just a silent idea :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion! :heart_decoration:

I truly believe in what you’ve made here and I hope it blows up and others stumble on your talents. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking time to respond and I’ll definitely be lurking around and checking this thread often now.

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Thank you! I really appreciate your words! :heart_eyes:

That really means a lot to me and makes me wanna do more stuff and upgrade what I already provide to give you the best experience!

Now let’s see what do other people think about it :slight_smile:

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The first update is there!

The version goes up to Alpha 1.1

Change log:

Edit: Just checked and the Fullscreen functionality is still wrong… gonna fix that quick and reupload

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Soo, there’s a bug with UE4

I was using the r.SetRes command but it doesn’t work correctly at all

It’s possible to toggle fullscreen but you have to restart the App to have it working…

Therefore Alt+Enter or F11 can be used to toggle it instantly!
2022-01-22 17_58_09-Window

New Update!

Added more options, reworked the Config Panel
Check the change log below!

2022-01-25 03_05_50-change-log - Discord

New Look:

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New Update!

UMP is no more in Alpha version!

Unlimited top bar messages, better looking text, more options and minor bug fixes

2022-01-26 02_29_09-change-log - Discord

A big update has just been released - it is still in a Beta version as it still needs changes
and improvements but already provides variety of new amazing possibilities!

Now you can make the Player look totally unique with:

  • Custom Images for different parts

  • Moveable Parts

Besides this the Config Panel has been reworked and upgraded and now it also allows to see and partially maintain your content within the Player

Here are some examples of possible setups with images I created in 15 minutes!

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We didn’t got any updates recently but no worries! I am preparing some special stuff this time
which are:

and finally I was able to find and build a good GIF Plugin so gif support and all the other stuff will come in the next update! It will take some time tho, hope it will be out within next two weeks

Also in the future the parts will be very easily movable around the screen!

Stay tuned!

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Another little addition I am working on
frequency spectrum3

Frequency Spectrum!

And what you see above is just the beginning, I want to make it way more useful and customizable ;]

And the next release will be delayed, I am working on the Project from scratch :smiley:

I have a few reasons for that, also the app was meant to be pretty simple and intuitive

Also I want to make it into 3 modes:

  • LIVE Stream - For Streamers
  • Music Video - To make ready-to-go videos for your Channel, with this you can prepare them without further video-editing apps ;]
  • LIVE Radio - To make your own Radio Station where you will be able to play your music, as well speak to the watching people, have ads and more!

Also as I have the GIF support I will make some stuff simpler - no more bars or texts from my side - you will be able to make custom texts with various settings, as well upload your favourite GIFS and show them on the Player!

Also I am considering buying 2 plugins from the Marketplace to make the App even more amazing!

Audio Analyzer Plugin [Marketplace]
Animated Text Tool [Marketplace]

Once I’ll re-relase the App I will remove most of my posts here regarding updates and remake the full post

The latest version is still downloadable on my G-Drive! (Check original post at the top)

Stay tuned!