Unreal Motion Graphics?

So what exactly is Unreal Motion Graphics?

no such thing

From what I’ve heard it’s Slate with Flash-like capabilities, hopefully with some sort of visual editor too. It’s a work in progress, no ETA.

UMG is the name of our WYSIWYG UI editor we’re still cooking up. We’re in the planning phases so it’s not something to experiment with yet, but it’s on our short list of features to implement so I’d expect it soon.

We’d definitely appreciate any info you could give us – currently trying to figure out whether to build our own UI editor or go with CoherentUI. We’ve had to rule out Slate, but if you guys are planning to make significant improvements in functionality, that would have a big effect on our decision, depending on when you plan to push the first release and what feature set you intend.

UMG = Unreal Motion Graphics = Slate + Slate extensions for pretty and customizable widgets + visual Slate layout editor + Sequencer.

Sequencer = timeline-based editing tool applicable to all systems (2D and 3D), designed as a successor to the current Matinee tool.

The goal of UMG is to support visual editing of widget layout and animation. We’ve been brainstorming on these systems for around 18 months and coding is just ramping up now. It’s way too early to start using the system, but if you follow UE4 check-ins live in GitHub, you’ll see various improvements in the works for Slate, as well as early work on a visual editor.

If you have immediate UI needs, I recommend checking out Coherent UI, which looks fantastic! The alternatives are the existing Slate feature set (if you are comfortable building a programmer-written C++ UI), or using Canvas directly or via Blueprint if a very simple UI is sufficient.

So to clarify will this be sort of an AfterEffects style module or a reworking of Matinee?

An AfterEffects style module would be absolutely awesome for UE4.

Definitely. If I can avoid the extra cost and pain of having to learn HTML5 through Coherent, and do it all in UE - that’d be an instant win IMHO.

Even if its something as primitive as Doom’s GUI editor.

Where can I find more info about the Sequencer? I’m asking, because I’m also about to work on Matinee enhancement. My goal is to use Unreal as cinematic tool.

You should ask at today stream. It will be about tools.

Sequencer is in code right now, but you need to enable it explicitly.
And no, I don’t know how (;.

Ah, ja, thanks, will look into the code and read the docs here: